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Road Safety Week 2023: Essential Windscreen Wiper Tips for Clear Vision

Your windscreen wiper blades play a crucial role in road safety. Read on to find out what road safety week is, how important functioning windscreen wipers are and how you can get involved in road safety week.

The importance of road safety cannot be overstated.

A recent study by the road safety charity Brake has revealed that five individuals lose their lives each day on UK roads. This is a preventable tragedy that calls for increased awareness. That’s why we are proudly supporting Road Safety Week, from 19th – 25th November 2023.Read on to learn more about the role your windscreen wipers play in road safety, and how you can do your bit for Road Safety Week.

What is Road Safety Week?

Road Safety Week is an initiative that takes place each year to raise awareness of the dangers of unsafe driving. It is organised by the global safety charity, Brake. The first Road Safety Week took place in 1997. Each year Brake rallies organisations and communities to share important road safety messages.

Importance of functioning windscreen wiper blades for road safety

Your windscreen wipers play a crucial role in road safety. They clear away rain, snow, and debris to enable you to see where you are going. Without properly functioning windscreen wiper blades, your vision of the road ahead is greatly impaired.

The importance of windscreen wiper blades is heightened in winter when adverse weather is more common. Regularly checking the condition of your wipers is essential, as wear and tear can diminish their effectiveness. If you spot any damage, you should replace them as soon as possible.

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Windscreen wiper blade safety in different weather conditions

Your windscreen wiper blades are essential in maintaining clear visibility in various weather conditions. We've provided tips for some of the most challenging situations below.

Snow, rain, and sleet

When driving in snow, rain, or sleet, ensure your wipers are set at the correct speed to effectively clear your windscreen. If your windscreen is covered in snow or ice before you start your journey, manually scrape it off to prevent damage to your wipers.


In foggy conditions, moisture in the air can accumulate on your windscreen. Use your windscreen wiper blades to quickly and easily clear this condensation. Additionally, remember to turn on your fog lights and reduce your speed, creating more space between your vehicle and the one in front.

Bright sunlight

Sun glare is a common cause of accidents as it greatly restricts drivers' vision. Ensuring your windscreen is as clean as possible and free of debris will help improve your visibility in these conditions. It’s advisable to wear sunglasses and decrease your speed in bright sunlight for increased safety.

Note that in extremely sunny and hot conditions, your windscreen wiper blades may become damaged. In such cases, try to park your car in the shade if possible.

Windscreen wiper blades and the law

Driving with unfit windscreen wipers is not only a safety hazard, but also illegal. If caught, you could face a substantial fine, especially if it is considered ‘careless driving’ in the eyes of the law. Faulty wipers will also cause your vehicle to fail its MOT, making it essential to replace them when necessary.

You should inspect your windscreen wipers every couple of months. Generally, a replacement is recommended every year.

It's time for a replacement as soon as you notice your wipers blades are:

  • No longer effectively removing water or debris
  • Dragging or smearing as they move
  • Making a squeaky noise
  • How to get involved in Road Safety Week

    Road safety is important all year round! However, Road Safety Week allows us to reinstate key messages to promote safer driving practices and save lives.

    Everyone can get involved by following responsible driving practices. Performing essential maintenance checks on your car is a key place to start! Ensure you regularly inspect your windscreen wipers and replace them if necessary. We hope this guide has highlighted the importance of windscreen wipers in contributing to road safety. In search of new windscreen wiper blades to ensure clear visibility this winter? Simply enter your vehicle registration into our handy tool to discover the right fit.