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Land Rover Defender 2019 to 2024 Windscreen Wiper Blades

The WindscreenWipers.co.uk website offers a wide range of windscreen wiper blades that fit the Land Rover Defender model (2019 - onwards). Specifically, this model requires two windscreen wiper blades measuring 22" in length for the front.

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Valeo Silencio X.TRM Twin Pack
Fitment details
Size 22" (560mm) & 22" (560mm)
Code VF344
£34.99 including VAT & delivery
Price incl. 5% multi-pack discount

These blades are designed to be easily attached to the wiper arm using the Specific Fit Push Button type attachment. With our selection of high-quality windscreen wiper blades, you can ensure optimal visibility and safety while driving your Land Rover Defender. Browse our fitments for a perfect match and enjoy a clear view of the road ahead with our reliable windscreen wiper blades.