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How To Fit Rear Windscreen Wipers To Your Vehicle

Received your new rear windscreen wipers but not sure how to fit them? Read our step-by-step guide to fitting rear wipers in minutes. 

When it comes to fitting rear windscreen wipers, you might think the fitting process will be different. But it’s actually similar to fitting front windscreen wipers. 

Read on for our handy tips on fitting your new rear windscreen wipers. 

Steps for fitting your rear windscreen wipers

When fitting your rear windscreen wipers, you can follow the same steps as you would for fitting your front ones. Following these steps should help you fit your rear wipers easily in minutes, without the fuss: 

  1. Lift your rear windscreen wiper – many rear wipers often open outwards instead of lifting upwards as with front wipers. 
  2. Put a cloth over your rear windscreen – to protect it from damage in case the rear wiper arm springs back. 
  3. Identify the adaptor – this is normally a hook-type or specific-fit adaptor for rear windscreen wipers. Learn more on these in our guide to windscreen wiper blade adaptors. 
  4. Remove the rear wiper – after disconnecting the adaptor, slide the blade gently off the wiper arm. This can be set aside for recycling and taken to your nearest waste collection centre. 
  5. Install your new rear wiper – following the instructions provided or our fitting guide videos, slot your new wiper blade onto the wiper arm. Rear windscreen wipers usually have a pre-fitted adaptor, so it should clip into place easily. 

Finding the right rear windscreen wipers

Still yet to order your replacement rear windscreen wipers? If you’re new to wipers, it can feel tricky at first to know which ones you need.  

At Windscreen Wipers, we make the process super simple. With our vehicle registration input tool, you can shop windscreen wipers designed to fit your vehicle. If you prefer, use the dropdown menu to search by make, model and year. 

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If you have any problems, our expert team will be on hand to help. Simply get in touch if you can’t find your vehicle listed or need any assistance. With a wealth of experience and expertise, we’ll be able to help. 

Browse new rear windscreen wipers

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