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A Guide to the Different Adaptors for Windscreen Wiper Blades

Windscreen wipers play a crucial role in road safety, helping your visibility in adverse weather. Replacing damaged or worn windscreen wipers is essential. But when the time comes, how do you know what size and type you need?

Read on for all you need to know about windscreen wiper fitting types.


The different types of windscreen wiper fitments

When it comes to your windscreen wiper blades, there is no 'one size fits all.' As well as there being a variety of wiper types, there are also a number of adaptor types. Adaptors or connectors are the parts that attach the wiper blade to the wiper arm.

Understanding the different fittings is helpful when it comes to replacing your windscreen wipers.

Below, we have outlined the most common windscreen wiper fitting types.

Hook Windscreen Wiper Adaptor

This is a common type of windscreen wiper blade adaptor, found mainly on older vehicles. It features a ‘J’ or ‘U’ shaped hook which slots into the wiper blade. It will click once secured in place.

Side Pin Windscreen Wiper Adaptor

This style of adaptor has a small pin on the wiper arm that fits into a hole on the wiper blade attachment. To install, you just need to align the pin with the hole and clip the two together. This adaptor is commonly found on older vehicles.

Bayonet Windscreen Wiper Adaptor

This adaptor works much like a bayonet light fixing. A small groove slots into a hole on the wiper blade arm. You’ll simply need to align these and slot them to lock them into place. This fixing is common on many European vehicles.

Pinch Tab Windscreen Wiper Adaptor

Pinch tab adaptors work exactly as their name suggests. Squeeze the tab of the adaptor to release the old wiper blade. Then compress the tab again and slide the new one into place, where it will lock. This style connector is common in newer vehicles due to its simplicity.

Push Button Windscreen Wiper Adaptor

This fitting features a square button to lock the wiper securely into place. Again, this is a common fitting in newer vehicles due to its ease of installation.

Wrist Action Windscreen Wiper Adaptor

This adaptor is sometimes called a flat hook because it features a flat bar with a curved end. It is most commonly found on vintage vehicles.

Dead Locker Windscreen Wiper Adaptor

Sometimes referred to as a pin connector, this fitting features a small arm underneath the wiper arm that releases a lock. It is most commonly found on vintage vehicles.

Saddle Hook Windscreen Wiper Adaptor

A Saddle Hook adaptor features a small hook at the end that connects to the wiper arm. It is most commonly found on vintage vehicles.

What adaptor fitting does my car use?

You can find the correct windscreen wipers for your car by entering your vehicle registration into our search tool. This will also indicate the type of connector your car uses.

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