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How To Fit Your Windscreen Wipers In A Few Easy Steps

Are you standing in front of your car, staring at your wiper arms thinking, ‘I can’t do this’? Well, it may not look easy at first glance, but we know you can. With the help of our handy step-by-step guide. 

In a few easy steps we will take you from ‘no’ to ‘pro’. With this guide, in just minutes you will be able to remove your old wiper blades and install your new ones. No fuss. 

If you need to buy your new wiper blades ready to install, check out our handy registration finder to select the right wiper blades for your vehicle. 

Ready to be armed with knowledge? Let’s go. 

Removing your old wiper blades

Handy tip: fetch a large cloth or old towel beforehand 

  1. Lift the wiper arms away from the glass, moving them into a vertical position. 
  2. Place a large cloth or old towel over the windscreen to protect the glass in case of a wiper arm going rogue. 
  3. Find the adapter where the wiper blade meets the wiper arm. Assess whether it’s a pinch tab, a button, a clip, or a hook. Take a moment to properly take in how the adapter works. 
  4. Grab hold of the wiper blade and pinch, press, unclip, or unhook and remove your old wiper. Remember to be careful of the wiper arm – don't put strain on the join or let it snap back to the windscreen. 

Now you’ve finished feeling like an octopus, it’s time to install your new wiper blade. 

Installing your new wiper blades

  1. Take your new wiper blade and check what type of adapter it is, a pinch tab, button, clip, bayonet, side pin or hook. For more information on wiper blade adapters visit our helpful article. 
  2. Fix the new wiper blade to the wiper arm, taking care that it is locked into place. Giving the wiper blade a little jiggle to ensure it is secure is probably wise. 
  3. Remove the cloth or towel from the windscreen and slowly lower the wiper arms back to their original position, flat against the glass. 

It really is that simple. If you’d prefer a visual to look at, then check out our fitting guide videos. We have a video for every fitment or wiper type you could need. 

Need further help? 

Other places for helpful instructions would be the packet of the new wipers. If you need help finding which adapter type your new wiper is, check out our article. 

Alternatively, give us a call on 01299 251150. Our friendly team will be on hand to lend their expertise. 

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